• Danielle Serpica

Woke (Cult)ture is Actually Creating More Hate and Division Than It Seeks to Remedy

Since when did it become racist to be proud to be an American? Why is it toxic to enjoy all the things and traits that make men, men? Why is it considered “internalized misogyny,” if a woman chooses to take care of herself or choose to be a homemaker instead of having a career? I thought we were supposed to respect a woman’s right to choose. We are told to “follow the science,” but when it comes to human biology and gender, we are supposed to ignore it. You’re allowed to celebrate and take pride in your cultural heritage as long as you’re not of white European descent. It’s absolutely fabulous to have a parade to celebrate being LBGTQ, but when straight people even suggest that there be a parade to celebrate straight pride, it’s shot down. Bullying is wrong in every situation and bodily autonomy is to be respected, but it’s become okay to verbally attack people on the streets who don’t want to wear a mask on their face while outside.

These are just some of the questions I ask myself when it comes to Woke Cult(ture). They all feign that they want peace, tolerance and unity, yet they create different rules for different groups of people. We’ve seen the hypocrisy during the Trump Administration. Things that Obama was praised for, Trump was vilified over and vice versa. Now the Woke Police are attacking people who don’t even want to get involved in politics or those who just don’t care because they want a reaction. They all want to seem powerful behind their keyboards because they know that in real life they wouldn’t have a fighting chance, unless they’re in a group of fellow ANTIFA protesters.

Cancel Cult(ure) has gotten so out of hand that people are combing through other people’s social media accounts and reading every single post, going as far back as ten years into the past. Imagine having nothing better to do with your time than pretending to be a forensic accountant and digging for the hair in the egg just because you don’t like or agree with someone you’ve probably never even met? I’m sure most therapists would call this an obsession and stamp this person with a mental illness. Instead of focusing on trying to ruin someone else’s life, why don’t you use that time and effort to better your own life?

It seems that most of the “woke” are just a bunch a jealous haters. They hate the rich because they either don’t have money or because they come from a rich family and resent mommy and daddy. They hate men who are in shape because they’re too weak and lazy to workout and take care of themselves. They even hate beautiful woman and accuse them of being sellouts to the Patriarchy because the women are jealous and the guys can’t get a woman like that. I guess it’s easier to cry, “Eat the Rich!” and “Toxic masculinity,” than it is to actually put in any sort of effort or take personal accountability for why your life sucks.

Other countries are laughing at us. The “woke” are constantly riddled with depression and anxiety over First World Problems. They have all the opportunities and privileges in the world, yet they’ve somehow convinced themselves that they are oppressed and that Capitalism is to blame. Since they are the loudest and always complaining, the entire world thinks that all Americans are just as weak and obnoxious. Imagine actually being oppressed by a tyrannical government and watching these spoiled cry babies complaining about Social Injustices that don’t really exist here and asking for Socialism and Communism to remedy the situation?

We live in a free country where opportunities are endless. Everyone is given a fair chance as long as they are willing to put in the work. The problem is, that Millennials and Gen Z don’t want to do that. They just want everything handed to them. I don’t think they understand just how oppressed women, homosexuals and minorities really are in other countries. America has programs that give women and minorities advantages over others to excel in their given fields. Women, minorities, homosexuals and transpeople are protected by laws against discrimination in the workplace. How much more do you want or need? At this point they are complaining just to complain. If not Trump, they’ll just find a new villain.

These people will tell you that it’s important to respect the opinions of others. However, those who don’t support their agenda are labeled Nazis or bigots. Which is ironic, since Nazis seek to control and punish those who don’t share the same views and bigots are so set in their own beliefs that they refuse to hear anyone else out. It seems like the real Nazis and bigots are those who are “woke.” I suppose I can’t expect logic and rationale from people who don’t understand what the words Nazi and bigot actually mean. They can’t even use the word “woke” in its grammatically correct context. I think what they are trying to say is “awakened.” Which, in Eastern cultures means that your mind has reached a place of divine understanding. These folks will never reach “awakening” because in order to get there, you have to seek to understand others, as it allows you to understand yourself. You can’t call for tolerance unity while being disrespectful and intolerant of other people’s beliefs.

Those who want no part of Woke and Cancel Cult(ure) aren’t Nazis, they’re just fed up that there are different sets of rules for different people. They are tired of being called privileged when most grew up poor and had to fight for everything they have. Even Hispanic and Black people are fed up with being called self-loathing, indoctrinated or Uncle Toms for having the audacity to question these things. I am a Native American woman and even I’m being attacked and told how I should feel by “woke” white people. Who’s racist now?

What’s okay for one group is not okay for the other. It’s this hypocrisy and double-standard that is leading to real division and hate. No one ever fought against the rights of trans people or people of color. People only started to resist when the “woke” started accusing people of being racist and transphobic. Straight men who refuse to date a trans person are attacked. Those who call for protests to be peaceful and ask protesters not to destroy their businesses are called racists and told, “No justice, no peace!” They are the ones calling for division and violence, but are too low on the emotional intelligence scale to see that they are the ones standing in their own way. Everything they accuse others of, they are doing. They hypocrisy is astounding!

I speak for myself and many others when I say, we do not want to join your cult! You can enjoy wallowing in your misery and victimhood, while the rest of us live our lives. We will pounce on all of the opportunities that you scoff at or refuse to see because you are too focused on negativity and hate. You will always find something to be miserable about and that’s why your lives suck and why you’re so jealous of those who worked hard to be where you want to be. You will never be happy or succeed in life with that kind of attitude. We will continue to laugh at your ridiculousness and dare you to do something about it. We are fighters and survivors and we will never sink down to your level. Instead, we choose to be victors instead of victims.