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WB Casts Latina Supergirl for Upcoming "The Flash" Movie. Here is How One Hispanic Really Sees It.

For a while now, Hollywood has attempted to show how “not racist” they are by taking established characters who have been white, and race-swapping them (usually black), and often times gender-swapping them or making them homosexual, transsexual, or taking some other “creative liberty” with the character. In some cases, this isn’t a terrible move, if the actor or actress just nails the role. I will say that before it became a cringe show, Candace Patton’s Iris West was excellent. In the NBC reboot of the Hannibal Lecter series, Laurence Fishburne took the role of Jack Crawford, previously a white male – but it’s Laurence Fishburne who at this point in his career is a legendary actor, who hit the ball out of the park. If a casting is based on merit, there’s no problem with a race swap. At some point, these castings stopped being based on merit, and just started being based on “we need to appear as woke as humanly possible and fill our diversity quotas.” Situations like this are oftentimes absolute disasters (how are Batwoman Season 2’s ratings doing), and no matter who you put in a role, it can come off as completely absurd.

Case in point, Michael B. Jordan appearing as a race recast Johnny Storm/Human Torch in the 2015 Fantastic Four reboot, one that made little sense as Susan Storm was not black in the film despite being his biological sister in all other iterations of the Fantastic Four since the series began in the 1960s. Jordan's portrayal wasn't the reason for the movie failing, but it certainly did not help matters. Not only was Fantastic Four (2015) an all-around awful movie, it was a waste of talent; Jordan actually managed to later really impress me in Creed, a Rockyverse set of movies where Rocky Balboa finds the son of Apollo Creed and helps him hone his natural talents as a boxer. In that sense, virtue signals are not just insulting for the viewers, but it’s insulting to the actors, or actresses – and I’m sure none of them are going to turn down a payday once they’re told their cast. However the most recent transgression of Leftist Hollywood is cringe-inducing for me on a personal level as a Hispanic: Latina Supergirl.

Really? This is happening now? We’re really going to do this? Okay, then. It turns out that WB has cast Sasha Calle, known for her work on daytime soap opera “The Young and the Restless” to portray Kara Danvers in both the upcoming Flash movie and (presumably) the upcoming stand-alone Supergirl movie that Warner Bros. is working on. Truth? She looks more like Michelle Rodriguez than Kara Danvers. All the pressers for this make note of pushing the fact this is the “first Latina Supergirl." For starters, I genuinely doubt they’re going to make her dye her hair blonde, or wear a wig, or anything of the sort, and even at that her facial features don’t look like someone who would fit right for the part. Whether or not you enjoy the CW’s rendition of Supergirl, Melissa Benoist LOOKS the part of Supergirl, or at least did before the Force Corruption known as Social Justice started causing her looks to rapidly fade (also known as Alyssa Milano Syndrome).

Melissa Benoist looks the part, and Sara Calle does not. Supergirl is ending on the CW after this coming season, and I'm sure the chance to recast the character made WB think that they would "do something different" but everyone is sick and tired of "do something different" always meaning to race-swap a character. We want "do something different" to be in regards to the plot or the story - or pick an obscure comic arc that challenges both Hollywood's writers and the viewers. Instead, we get them thinking that they're somehow creating more "representation." That being said, they’re going to milk the Latin thing for all its worth and this is where I take it personally. She is a Colombian-born actress, so if you want to make this about the “race” card, Hollywood, here’s the truth – it would be like hiring an actor or actress from Malaysia and saying they represent Japan. I am Puerto Rican. She doesn’t represent me at all. Hispanics are not a monoculture nor a monolith, so it is an epic fail to parade this around in the news. I’m quite sure Mexicans won’t feel like you’ve endeared yourself to them, either – you can also forget Cubans or Venezuelans since BOTH have experienced the Communism that comes with the Leftist agenda and outright reject it at every turn. I’m sure like maybe seven Colombians give a shit – and a bunch of woke white people that have never spoken to a Hispanic in their entire lives to know or understand what anyone outside their Leftist political bubbles actually thinks. Just like “renaming Aunt Jemima” this comes off ignorant and tone-deaf. It is insulting to do this shit to me as a comic fan, and as a Hispanic. The virtue-signaling companies think that because some college professors said it was so that “people relate more to characters who look like them.” That philosophy is complete bullshit. Eric July does a lot of great videos about Tokenization in comic books and how it’s cheapened the whole experience for black and Hispanic comic book fans, so be sure to check him out as well. He might be able to articulate it a lot better than I can but I’m about to try here when I say that I have never picked up a comic book in my life and felt bad that a character was “white.” It never affected me. I didn’t care.

As a child I cared about having cool stories, cool things happen, superpowers, the imagination. No normal child reads a comic book and says, “there aren’t enough black people” or “there aren’t enough Hispanics” or “there aren’t enough gay people.” That’s because children don’t give a shit about these things and if your child does, you done fucked up or need to take that kid to get some therapy or something. These are things that are thought about by adults, but not even ALL adults. These things are thought of by adults who usually have never had a serious problem in their lives. Social Justice Warriors have invaded our cultural institutions when it comes to comics, movies, and their infestation is spreading to video games like a cancer that we should have cut out before it got this big. These people don’t enjoy these things and often these “diversity” hires (LOL THE FORCE IS FEMALE) have never touched these products in their lives. They’ve managed to do a rope and dope and convince these companies “that’s WHY you need me! The reason I didn’t ever touch your product is it needed DIVERSITY! Let me fix that!” And these inexperienced women who think not shaving their vaginas and arm pits is somehow a stand against the patriarchy and think that they’re the best people on earth because they have five cats that are all malnourished from eating “vegan cat food” load comics down with so much virtue signaling that let’s be honest – kids don’t even really read comics anymore, probably because of this.

Just recently after the Mortal Kombat trailer dropped, one of these feminist journalists foolishly asked why Street Fighter’s Chun Li wasn’t in Mortal Kombat (wrong franchise, idiot), and then proceeded to blame the patriarchy. These are the people who you let enter your cultural institutions. And all they care about is playing professional victim to make up for the fact they can’t relate to a normal person. They have to invent racial and gender discrimination to justify their wages and existence and grant them a purpose in life they are lacking, usually because the vast majority of these feminist (or soyboy) virtue signaling hacks were better off in life initially than the people they are judging and criticizing all the time. Most SJWs come from money.

Problems build character, and so even though money makes life easier, often times I’m glad I didn’t start off with a trust fund and in a gated neighborhood. These bored miserable purposeless, never-been-in-a-fistfight-in-their-lives douchebags now control the cultural institutions and think that the ANSWER to YOUR problem is overcompensating with DIVERSITY meanwhile they’d piss their pants if they had to talk a walk down 103rd Street in Manhattan at night – walks I was taking when I was 8 years old.

I don’t want, nor need the help of people who think they’re elites, not the Hollywood class, not the “journalism” class (the bar for what constitutes as journalism is insanely low these days by the way – do you hate Trump? You’re in).

The bottom line is, you’re not making anyone’s life better with race swapping. You’re not making anyone’s life better using the phrase, Latinx. You’re actually just causing resentment and a bigger racial divide when you sit there and say, “we did this for you.” In doing so you just cause people to blame us for your lack of creativity or imagination. It’s not even hard to race swap a character from white to black anymore. How about you give me a biopic about Obama with Ryan Gossling playing a White Obama? Now that’s a challenge!

Back to my point – what helps ME, is to stop all this bullshit. What helps ME is to STOP the virtue signaling and stop focusing on racial differences. What helps me is having the money to pay my bills, the opportunities to do the things I want to do based on MERIT not based on how much of a tan I got over the summer to make my dark skin darker. What helps ME is to stop discriminating against white people and claiming it’s somehow “equity,” it’s not. I have white friends, a white significant other, I have family members that look white – I also have some that look black, because Hispanics aren’t a fucking monolith. What helps me is to stop saying you’re doing ANYTHING for me, or my representation, or my culture. I have my own voice. I have my own opinions. I have my own desires. I have my INDIVIDUALITY that is not bound to my race or my color, and every time one of you liberal shit-dicks in Hollywood, in the media, in the journalist class, in the (Democrat) government tries to “speak on my behalf,” I never asked for it, I don’t want it.

I want you to fuck off. And that is one thing everyone can agree on – white, black, Hispanic, Asian. Because there isn’t a race war – there is a culture war, and the sane human beings are sick of social justice so you can take social justice and shove it up your fucking ass.