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To the Democrats Boycotting Georgia Over Election Reform: Please Do. - A #MAGA Perspective.

Last week, the state of

Georgia, my home state (I have included a map above, since people these days learn more about critical race theory than they do about geography), passed Election Integrity Reform, which made a number of changes to what was allowable in voting, thus following suit with both Florida and Texas, who have reformed their voter laws, likely as a result of some of the “don’t-call-it-fraud-says-big-tech” impropriety we saw during the 2020 elections. Some of the provisions include voter ID for both in-person an absentee ballots as opposed to signature matching, having to have a legal reason to file an absentee ballot as opposed to voting in person, as well as making sure that if you requested an absentee ballot you cannot “Double Vote” by voting both absentee AND in person, limiting the number of mail-in voting dropboxes, as well as the time and dates for pick-up, preventing money and gifts being given to people handling the elections, as well as people waiting in line to vote in those elections, limiting the amount of time a candidate can challenge an election to “within 10 days of the election,” more speedy removal of dead people or people who are no longer Georgia residents from voter rolls, shortening the amount of time in-person voters wait in line (counties must open additional locations if voting takes longer than one hour in line), limits mobile voting locations (vehicles that pick up your votes, basically glorified ballot harvesting) to “ONLY under emergency conditions,” printing ballots on security paper with watermarking, expanded diagnostic troubleshooting of voting machines under the eye of both political parties and the media as witnesses to this testing and moving when run-off elections take place so that we don’t have to spend our Christmas plagued with political ads every ten seconds.

That’s a long paragraph and it sounds a bit winded, but also, it sounds fair, doesn’t it? Well, the establishment media, the liberal elites and the Democrats don’t think so. They think it’s racist. Their main points being that it’s unfair to ask for voter ID, and it’s unfair to stop them giving people in line a bunch of canned goods and welfare food in exchange for their vote (Stacey Abrams and her Fair Fight group set up food trucks and pantries at polling locations – sounds like bribery to me – I’m actually amazed she didn’t eat all the food herself to be honest).

How is asking for ID racist? For that matter, why is it white soyboy Leftists like the one pictured above, telling me it's racist, when I'm the minority here? It's more racist for people like this to tell me what they think is good for ME. I can make up my own mind. I make my decisions for myself, not as a monolithic race or monolithic culture but as an individual, and an individual that just so happens to live in the United States of America as a legal citizen of this country, afforded the rights and freedoms of all other legal citizens of this country.

I, as a Hispanic American, need ID to buy alcohol, or if I bought cigarettes (I don’t smoke), porn, went to a strip club, to buy tickets at Ticketmaster, to fly on an airplane, to enter a movie theater and watch an R-rated film, to buy an M-rated video game, to use a credit card in a store ESPECIALLY during the busy and super-prone-to-theft Christmas season. I need my ID just to buy certain OVER THE COUNTER medications because they want to make sure a kid isn’t buying ten bottles of cough syrup or some other stupid shit to get high. The first thing a cop asks for when they pull you over is for your ID. The hospital asks for your ID when you are sick. You can’t go to a bar or nightclub without ID. To sign up for a gym membership in most cases you need a photo ID. You can’t buy a cellular phone without ID, either. Even for the Democrat-Beloved COVID vaccine they’re trying to force in everybody’s arms, you need ID. Joe Biden literally called for vaccine passports which is akin to private companies and the government knowing where you are and where you've been at all times. That dystopian bullshit isn't considered racist?

Are all the things that ask me for ID being racist? That’s news to me. No, it’s racist as hell to imply that Hispanic Americans and Black Americans are unable or unwilling to get ID – unless of course, your agenda has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with making sure the illegal aliens that are currently rushing our border in record numbers wearing shirts that literally have Joe Biden’s name on them are allowed to vote for Democrats and their platform of “Hey, Uh, Free Shit!” that they’ve been using to bamboozle low-information voters for years.

No, if anything, the Democrats believe they are ENTITLED to black and Hispanic votes, which is why they look at and try to frame everything under the lens of race. They could not be more wrong. Over 70% of Americans polled are in favor of voter ID. In fact, for the Democrats to be so opposed to it at both the state and the National level, someone with a working brain might come to the conclusion they’re admitting they committed fraud in order to usurp the 2020 election… you know, like Time Magazine basically wrote an article admitting and gloating the establishment worked together to tell the Capitalist half of the country to go fuck itself.

Anyone remember when Adolf Hitler was Time’s Man of the Year? Good times. When Biden/Harris somehow got 80 million votes, despite the fact that the YouTube lack of views/high number of dislikes any time they speak would imply they’re really not all that popular and something foul went on, I think that was a big sign to everyone we needed election reform. There are some third-world countries laughing at us because even their elections in their under-developed shithole countries require ID and ours don’t.

With all this reform, all of Stacey Abrams' aspirations to become Dictator... err... governor here in Georgia have been crushed like her toilet seat after she eats at Taco Bell, which is very fortunate. She'd have made Gretchen Whitmer look like Ronald Reagan in comparison. To quote John Fredericks, of the John Fredericks Radio Network, "The ghost of Stacey Abrams has been exorcised." As a result of the “Fuck Stacey Abrams Law” being passed, the Wokecult is coming for the head of Governor Brian Kemp, a man who I myself have said I was irritated at for not working harder to fight for Trump, but a man who, if he sticks to his guns on this topic might find some redemption, although re-election is too early to say at this point. The Wokecult has also decided to start with the boycotting of Georgia, including attacks on any companies that supported conservative legislators like A Southern Company and Home Depot. I know this because they’ve been doing their little “spammy text message” bullshit that they do every time they don’t get their way.

I don’t know which Democrats need to hear this, but texting people, especially people who either are politically indifferent or politically to the right, just annoy them and make them more hostile towards you. I barely want my own mother calling or texting me, so how do you think I feel when some dipshit representing MoveOn or some other George-Soros-Funded operation sends me a text?

The Democrats openly have decided to boycott Georgia. Ilhan Omar, Stacey Abrams, Joe Biden himself (he even called it worse than Jim Crow), and various other Democrat talking heads have demanded it. Hollywood celebrities like Mark Hamill and a few others whose names don’t come to mind (because I really don’t care about them) are chiming in, saying they won’t do business in Georgia (although they are more than happy to do business in a country with literal concentration camps like China). Coca-Cola and Delta have publicly denounced Georgia, and Major League Baseball cancelled the All-Star Game in Cobb County, Georgia (a county which went blue by the way), costing the county about $100 million in revenue that would have AIDED many of the independently owned businesses that could have used that money to recover from COVID-19 pandemic financial losses.

A giant temper tantrum, much like the Democrats always do, any time they don’t get their way. “Boycott Georgia.”However, for once, I am in agreement with the Democrats. Yes. PLEASE DO. Please do boycott Georgia, because as liberal celebrities don’t come here, their influence in my home state fades. You think people in Georgia really care if the "Walking Dead," a mediocre show, well past its prime in both popularity or excitement, decides to stop filming here? The people in Newnan would thank you for the fact that the sad old women who reek of wine and piss would stop sleeping on the streets to get a glimpse of Norman Reedus walking around. Please do boycott Georgia, because liberals who moved here to Californicate this state will go back to where they came from. Please do boycott Georgia, because for every company that does boycott Georgia, there is an alternative company that is all too happy to take my MAGA money and believe me people on my side of the political fence actually tend to have JOBS and therefore we spend more money than their side. Please let me know which side of the line you’re on, virtue-signaling companies, so you can lose my support.

So, yes, Democrats. Boycott the shit out of Georgia. Boycott the shit out of a state that somehow, by some horrible twist of fate, went blue in 2020. Boycott the state that voted Biden in. Boycott the state that voted Jon Ossoff and Rafael Warnock into the Senate in equally shady run-off elections. Boycott the state so that this blueish-purple state STOPS being a battleground and remains traditionally red in 2022.

You will not get your way. Your tantrums won’t work; in fact, they will have consequences. You’ve woken the sleeping giant. After November 3rd, Georgia conservatives were demoralized, apathetic, lethargic. After last week, Georgia Conservatives are emboldened, revitalized and ready to fight, and more importantly, ready to win.

So, cry more about things that we know aren’t true. These laws don’t make it harder to vote, they make it harder to cheat. And if CNN, Coca-Cola, the MLB and Delta have a problem with that, I don’t see that as a big loss – I see it as “don’t let the door hit your asses on the way out of my fucking state. Get out. And stay out. And take Luke Skywalker with you.”