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Self-Censorship: How Big Tech Intends To Make You Cancel YOURSELF, And How to Stop It.

A few weeks ago I was watching an episode of Louder with Crowder, after comedian and conservative YouTube personality Steven Crowder had been suspended by YouTube seemingly without warning. Crowder and his crew addressed the situation on Rumble while suspended from YouTube, and had mentioned briefly that YouTube keeps their rules incredibly vague to a point it's hard to really understand what you've even done that violates their policies.

A few days later, in a conversation with my girlfriend she was quoting a conversation she overheard, in which two people with high levels of melanin had been shouting the N-word - but she bleeped the N word out herself. I had asked if her phone had done it or she had and she explained to me that with everything going on with the level of censorship and cancel culture she's afraid to even type the word in the event a snippet of conversation got out - that she used to not care but everything is so fucked up that you can't be too careful.

My reply to her is "that's what they want." The Radical Left really doesn't understand context nor nuance, or at least they want you to believe they don't. They know context and nuance just fine; it just doesn't exist if you don't do as you are told by THEM. Case in point, no one on the Left is clamoring for Hunter Biden's cancellation after several leaked documents show him using racial slurs as much as he wants to. It's because he has the right policy. He's part of "The Community" so "Community Standards" doesn't apply to him. Hunter Biden is a protected class who can smoke all the crack he wants with reckless abandon (and some forms of cheese).

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube - they have "rules" but these rules change seemingly daily, or hourly - or seemingly just based on who you happen to have voted for. The idea is that by not stating what you can and can't ACTUALLY say on their platforms, they'll just create a minefield where they can just get rid of you for any reason on a whim. All too often, myself, or my co-host have been minding our own business to get a notification that Facebook has decided to suspend us for a post made anywhere from 6 months to 5 years ago.

The fix is in. The main reason these Big Tech platforms march in lockstep to make you jump through hoops is because truthfully they DON'T want to censor you. They want YOU to censor YOU. They want YOU to worry about what you can and can't say. They want you to question you. By doing so they are not only censoring you - they're taking it a step further. They are programming you. Essentially it's not "Community Standards" it's "Communi(st)ty Standards." This is akin to making you perform YOUR OWN internal Internet version of a struggle session. "You don't want to post that and get banned for 30 days, do you? Your friends won't contact you. They won't talk to you. You'll be isolated. You must obey... and apologize for your whiteness while you are at it!" It starts at self-censorship. Then it ramps up. "Wear the mask," "get the vaccine," "hey while you're at it shave half your head, dye the rest of it purple and start identifying as Barngender! We accept you! Accept. Obey. ORANGE MAN BAD. DRUMPF DID THIS." No. Shut the fuck up. To the Jack Dorseys and Mark Zuckercucks of the world, I reject your critical race theory and your wokeness. That is how we combat this. You want to fight this? There are a few things you need to start doing.

For starters, I could tell you to get off Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, but let's be honest. You're probably not going to - whether this is because you want to keep in touch with your boomer grandma, your normie friends (why?), secretly want acceptance, openly want acceptance, or are already into phase 2 of the brainwashing process, I am not sure. The good news is you're not completely gone yet - now if you're already thinking pegging is socially acceptable or wanting to wear the opposite gender's underwear, it's too late for you - sorry. Bottom line is, I'm aware you're not leaving.

You're addicted. It's part of your programming. If Tom Anderson had spent some time studying social engineering on the level Zuckerberg did, MySpace would still be a thing right now. This should also show you how malevolent the forces at work truly are.

The most important thing you need to do is simply stop having fucks to give whether you get suspended or not. DO NOT self-censor, DO NOT apologize. How many of you have been banned or suspended from Twitter or Facebook over a trivial comment? It wasn't rude, it wasn't inflammatory. You could have called a celebrity "trash" but Facebook's algorithm decided you said "white" trash, and kicked you off. Maybe you're not a person who thinks calling someone who is fat "fat" is a bad thing, or maybe you're a person who doesn't think using the word "retard" is a bad thing. Twitter thinks it's a bad thing, though, and it's probably punished you despite the context. Instead of changing how you talk (programming), you need to be defiant. Take the ban on the chin. I will tell you why: People around you will start to realize you're getting banned for stupid shit, and they will ALSO want a way out - the more stupid and trivial the reason you got banned is the more the people you communicate the most actually may let the gears in their own brains start turning. You need to ween off this idea of Facebook being the be-all-end-all. And you can help the others around you do that as well if you just decide to be fearless.

Now for the hard part so many of you are resistant to: Part of doing this involves getting on Alt Tech platforms. This is non-negotiable.

As much as you may be against the idea of Gab, Minds, or even Z-Listers such as Parler and CloutHub, get on an alt tech platform, or two, or three. Getting on an Alt Tech platform doesn't mean you have to close down your Facebook page, but what it will provide is insulation. Start casually letting people know if you get "Zucked" (30 day ban on Facebook) where they can find you - tell them there are other platforms. I just told someone about Gab and Minds who had never heard of either platform - that's by design. Facebook tries to stop people from knowing about these platforms. And while some people may not be huge fans of the content on "alt tech," the fact remains you can block whoever you want - the ability to see or not see a post is left up to YOU, the INDIVIDUAL, not what some asshole with a soulless face had an algorithm decide what you are allowed to see and not see, hear and not hear, post and not post.

Do we really want someone like THIS controlling our flow of information? Look at him. He has money now, sure - but with all that money why is he still ugly? This dude was a loser before he created his platform. He was pond scum. Lower than nothing. He was irrelevant. But the truth is, he still is. If you have confidence what you're doing is right, you don't have to FORCE people to listen to obey. He is an insecure, likely-small-dicked, pussy of a man who probably got his ass kicked multiple times a day in school for being the kind of guy who ratted his classmates out for being five minutes late, or for not actually going to the bathroom when they requested a hall pass. Facebook? It's just this dude's revenge for being a fucking loser. If Mark Zuckerberg had a decent therapist early in life, maybe he'd understand the concept of individualism. But he doesn't. This is the kind of dipshit that used to watch episodes of Star Trek the Next Generation and cheer for the fucking Borg. His revenge on us all is to make us all JUST. LIKE. HIM. It's not "Community Standards." That's just fancy talk for "Mark Zuckerberg's shitty world view," that he expects us all to obey. While conservative politicians may say nobody voted for Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Dorsey by using their platforms, in a sense you ARE voting for them. Facebook and Twitter are products. THEY are supposed to serve YOU, not the other way around. Get on an alt tech platform. Full stop.

The other thing you need to look at, are the people NOT getting in trouble, despite posting volumes of stuff that should have gotten them banned a long time ago - case in point, ANY Leftist. Are you in a group for your hobbies and interests on Facebook? Chances are if it's a large group or large page they do A LOT of virtue signaling. Why is a group about a video game talking about Critical Race Theory? Why is a Make Up Group posting worship posts for Anthony Fauci, why is that comic book group now run by a gay guy that posts graphic man-on-man sexual posts and calling you a bigot the second you say you didn't join the group to see all that gay porn? These people run groups because they need them to push their values on people - they're like "mini-zucks," so instead of sitting there and biting your tongue, you need to push back against Critical Race Theory Cringe with your OWN groups.

Video game group full of leftist admins? Get friends who you know are sick of it too, and start a new group where you're the admin. We, the "Not Leftists" like to be left alone so much we don't really like to start groups or be in charge but we HAVE TO get out of our comfort zones. This is NOT negotiable. We need to show other people who think like us we can have our spaces as well without the shit that's annoying, making us uncomfortable or flat out draining the joy out of our hobbies. The only reason the Left have taken over all of our cultural institutions is we didn't push back and this is one department we have flat out let them win the war. Every single post Comicbook.com posts is entirely cringe on Facebook - it almost always exclusively has a leftist slant. Why is a page about Comic Books shilling for Elizabeth Warren, AOC and Bernie Sanders? We cannot passively wait for the storm to pass. We have to actively take our cultural institutions back through sheer force of will. Make groups, but again, do not beholden them to Facebook; it doesn't matter anyway, when the Leftists find out you're not part of THEIR group about World of Warcraft, THEIR group about Marvel Comics, THEIR group about Sony Playstation, they will report and shut you down ANYWAY. So what do you do? Reiterate you're here for a Good Time, not a Long Time. Make a Discord server, Open a Telegram channel make groups on Gab and Minds, and tell the people in the group "if we get Zucked... this group is on Gab or Minds."

The goal isn't to use Facebook or Twitter. It's to have an exit strategy. The more you actively push back against Big Tech, the less you'll actually need Big Tech.

Of course the counter point is going to come from your black-pilled apathetic friends (looking at you Jon). "You can't beat Facebook!" Uhh... Yeah you can. MySpace was the biggest. It's a dead husk. Everyone used to have Livejournal. It's a non-entity. We used to use AskJeeves. Have you heard that name lately? What about Dailymotion that everyone used to upload videos to long before YouTube? Does anyone remember when instead of mp3s we listened to really crappy .wav files on RealPlayer on our computers? What about chatting on mIRC? Things. Become. Obsolete. But they don't do that if you sit there and shut up and obey. Better options emerged. And better options do exist. I'd say you need to just get up off your lazy asses and use them but if you're on the Internet you're ALREADY sitting on your lazy ass, so by not doing so, and by accepting "this is how it is," you're a new kind of lazy that is more pathetic than anything I have ever seen before - think about that. How lazy do you really have to be when you're being this complacent?

You literally have nothing to lose. So make an effort. Don't settle for being regulated.

Oh, and stop using YouTube, because your favorite content creators all have backup accounts on Rumble, Odysee, or Bitchute, but that's another big tech vs. alt tech conversation for another day because this one's getting kind of long and I'm not sure y'all have the attention span if I keep going.