• Jase Rival

Remember The World Before "IMPEACH?" We Can Never Have That Back.

IMPEACH. It's one of those words/phrases I am tired of hearing, just like the two nauseating phrases "peaceful transition of power" and "free and fair elections" from our spin doctors who work for CNNMSNBCWAPOFOXNEWYORKTIMESBLOOMBERG (might as well just combined all their names; they all regurgitate the same liberal propaganda talking points to the point major mainstream media is a Human Centipede of freshly shat-out Democrat bullshit). I like my life better before I had to hear non-stop about whatever flavor-of-the-week smear campaign against a sitting president these talking heads were throwing out there. And I'm not going to mince words or dance around it; no matter how bad other presidents have been hated in my life time (and they all have, by one side or the other), I never remembered a time period of so much seething hatred from the establishment media such as what we have now.

And honestly? I was happier before it was like this. We all, I believe, were happier before it was like this - however, too many associate that unhappiness with President Donald Trump - it's part of the agenda, you see. Not enough people have woken up to the fact that maybe Donald Trump isn't the problem. Maybe what we consume is the problem, especially when it all comes with messaging - and THAT is why we're unhappy, as a populace.

What I mean when I discuss this is simple: Most people hate Trump but the average person on the street can't even tell you why that is. There are plenty of videos from other conservative-minded voices such as Kaitlin Bennett, and Steven Crowder, where they've asked people point-blankly why they don't like Trump, and the answer is usually the same "he's racist!" When pressed further as to what he has said or done that is racist, they either can't think of anything he actually said, or they cite something that was either incorrect or blatantly taken out of context to justify said hatred.

I, however, point the blame, exactly where the blame lies: the media. Why should I hate Trump? Gas prices are low, more money is (was, prior to COVID-19) in my bank account every month. Business was booming (I work for a small business, so things were great). The only things that were NOT great, the ONLY things that were RUINED were:



--Comic Books

--Video Games (albeit to a lesser extent)


--The News, reciting the word IMPEACH over and over and over and over and over again for four years.

As stated in many videos by other content creators such as Tim Pool and Eric July: Democrats control the cultural institutions... so if they're the ones who decided to bitch and moan and whine and complain about Donald Trump for four years straight to the point they embedded Anti-Trump messaging and narratives into every single aspect of what is supposed to be our escapism, our entertainment, why should I hold Trump responsible for that? No. The finger must be pointed at those in charge of our cultural institutions. Our escapism is not intended to be YOUR brainwashing tool to attempt to get US to do YOUR dirty work. Of course, those of us that opted to not play that stupid game, what did we get? Mostly canceled by Big Tech for our efforts. Silenced, suppressed, called racists/sexists/bigots/misogynists/phobes/ists/isms.

That stopped working. None of those words have power anymore. Those who are indoctrinated into the Cult of Woke believe that there's some kind of "going back" when Donald Trump is out of office, and that if Donald Trump is kept from ever running for office again (through IMPEACH), that somehow the world of sunshine and roses and gumdrops and chocolate-flavored rivers and everlasting gobstoppers will return. These people, are stupid.

We can never go back now. Dangerous precedents have been set. But worst of all, what is seen can't be unseen. We grew up blissfully unaware just how nasty and corrupt our government was. But between dirty tactics, propaganda, social media, election impropriety (since we can't say FRAUD or people will shit their pants and cry at the same time), and NOT being able to escape it every time we tried to read a comic book, watch a television show or a movie, and just relax (because all of Hollywood decided they hate Trump too and felt the need to tell us about it), there is no going back. That is why we are where we are. That is why Cancel This Podcast, a show where we'd rather focus solely on the nerdy things we love and enjoy, has no choice but to have so many segments devoted to politics. The genie is out of the bottle, but instead of a happy-go-lucky amusing genie like Robin Williams, we got "that asshole Jafar when he became a Genie" instead. And all the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris in the world isn't going to fix it. Steve Bannon calls it the "wound that will not heal" and I am afraid he's absolutely right.

The only thing we can do is hope the smoothed-brained zombies who think they are "woke" wake up to the fact they're just useful idiots CONSUMING a boatload of crap. A nick-name for the television once upon the time was "the idiot box," and there has never been an era where that moniker is more appropriate.

Now if you'll excuse me it's time to watch Wandavision, and I hope that they don't spend 25% or more of it talking about how bad the Orange Man is. Because Vision is red. And that's only a few shades away from the color orange, anyway.