• Jase Rival

Is MyPillow Worth The Hype? Product Review!

Long before I knew Mike Lindell’s political leanings were similar to my own, I was curious as to if MyPillow actually could get you a better night’s sleep. However, we don’t always act on curiosities or fleeting thoughts. Then the liberals tried to CANCEL AND UNPERSON not just Mike Lindell but the entire MyPillow company that he is owner and founder of. Personally? I think our society is messed up that it thinks it is morally acceptable to try to bankrupt an entire small business for their political viewpoints. Starbucks has complete trash viewpoints, but they still make good coffee. I don’t particularly like when Sony virtue signals, yet I still own a Playstation 4. Boycotting (Buycotting) sounds good in theory but it’s not practical in the grand scheme of things; I always found liberals who were mad at Chik-Fil-A to be idiots, for example.

Part of capitalism is: “may the best product win.” A good product is a good product, regardless of one’s political compass, but rather than accept that, many shops such as Bed Bath and Beyond and other retailers decided to blacklist Lindell’s company based on his values and beliefs. In fact, known grifter and political shill, Parkland “survivor” David Hogg is even claiming he will use everything in his power (lol, power? Dude has arms like ramen noodles) to END Mike Lindell and wants to start his own pillow company for all his pillow-biter simp buddies. Good luck to you, kid. Hogg can’t even find a date these days, as evidenced by his ridiculously bad Tinder profile.

Also, he’s probably jealous that Mike Lindell can grow a respectable-looking mustache and he can’t.

But I digress. The attempted cancellation of Lindell just upped the urgency to get a MyPillow before they got removed from store shelves (in other words when liberals try to cancel a product, they create a demand for it – just ask Goya, who saw a boom in their entire product lineup when liberals tried to boycott Goya just because the CEO appeared when called by Trump’s White House several months ago). I know you can order them directly from MyPillow.com, but I don’t like to wait for things to get here. I’m a today person, not a three-days-from-now person, so into the cart they went.

Firstly, I’m a clearance pillow kind of guy, which means I’ve been sleeping on miserable $5.00 Wal-Mart pillows for a long time, that are inexpensively replaced after they become flat and uncomfortable. Is $39.99 something I WANT to pay for a pillow? Probably not, however if the MyPillows become flat, crappy, or soggy and miserable, they offer a 10-year warranty, which turns out to be cheaper than the price I’m paying to replace pillows every few months. I am a light sleeper, and I do toss and turn; it takes me forever to get comfortable. MyPillow has the whole satisfaction guaranteed thing going, so I guess I’m not going to lose much by giving it a try.

Inside the MyPillow box comes the card which tells you how to get your ten year warranty, along with instructions on how to wash them without ruining them, and a tiny little slip of paper with a bible verse on it. It’s almost like a $39.99 religious fortune cookie! While some people might gripe about that, I felt like it was a nice little thing that comes from the right place. If other companies can virtue signal all day for intersectional feminism and BLM, then it shouldn’t bother ANYONE that Lindell has bible verses that come with his product. Plus, there’s a bit of a reassurance that it means the product is good because people who are deeply religious fear going to hell when they die, and liars and frauds are definitely going to hell when they die. Maybe Joe Biden can run for President of Hell when he finally passes away, too! My point is when faith is important to someone, and they are sincere about it, usually honesty comes with that. Lindell seems like a stand-up guy, so it’s a nice touch. So I began to wonder if I should sleep with just the MyPillow, a normal pillow and a MyPillow, two MyPillows? (I bought two, one for each side of the bed since I am sure my girlfriend wouldn’t mind a comfortable sleep when she comes by as well). I had been listening to Tim Pool’s podcast with Jack Posobiec and the consensus among Tim & his staff was to use one normal pillow, one MyPillow. I gave that a go, but around 3-4 a.m. my neck definitely felt way too elevated, so I ditched the normal pillow and gave it a try, just the MyPillow by itself; Tim Pool must have an adamantium neck or something.

I woke up feeling better but felt like I had gotten only half the desired result since the first half of my sleep was spent double-pillowing. So, I deciided on the next night to only sleep on the MyPillow and I slept actually quite well except for the fact that I still woke up at 3-4 am, not because of discomfort but because I have dogs that randomly decide that at 4 in the morning they have to pee.

It also didn’t help that sometimes winter is a mess to get decent anyway, heater on too high, heater on too low, is this the right number of blankets, is this the right number of clothing? Now I’m too cold. But the sleep itself, was not only better, but I found when I *did* get out of bed, I had a little less time aching and a lot more time feeling like I actually got eight hours of sleep. Prior to that, it didn’t matter if I slept 4, 8, or 10 hours, I woke up generally feeling awful. I mean I am not as young as I used to be. The MyPillow definitely has shown an improvement, not just in my sleep but in the resulting energy levels once I’m on my feet. It makes it easier to feel invigorated from the sleep you get.

So, is it worth the hype? Is it worth taking the plunge and buying MyPillow?I’d have to say YES, and unlike Fox News, or a lot of conservative podcasts, Lindell hasn’t paid me for this endorsement.I wanted to give people an unbiased, practical first-hand review of the product. It’s definitely worth investing in if you need new pillows and you don’t sleep all that well.I recommend anyone try them – and if you’re liberal and you’re mad at MyPillow, chances are the reason you don’t sleep at night has little to do with MyPillow and everything to do with the fact most liberals are just unhappy people in general. I wouldn’t sleep well at night either if I went to bed every night knowing I frauded an election, so on that note, now I present to you the other reason they’re mad at Mike Lindell, his video on Election Fraud, ABSOLUTE PROOF.