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Is Batwoman The Disease or a Symptom? Why The CW's Arrowverse Has Got To Go. A Comprehensive Guide.

The ratings are in for the season premiere of Batwoman, folks, and it's worse than we could have expected. Batwoman's debut of the newer, woker, BLACKER Batwoman, scored a laughable and pathetic 0.1 rating with 663,000 viewers, according to the Neilsen ratings. This is the third-smallest audience for Batwoman to date, and if trends are typically any indication, usually your highest point on these shows is the season premiere. Not good.

Online reviewers such as The Quartering, HeelVsBabyface, and The Critical Drinker have all kept us up to date on the Batwoman situation for months, after series lead Ruby Rose quit the show at the end of the first season for unspecified reasons (let's be honest, she knew the ship was sinking and decided to bail for the sake of her career and what little dignity the CW show hadn't taken away from her), and was replaced by Javicia Leslie, an actress-of-color portraying the "completely made up new character" Ryan Wilder who would replace Kate Kane. It literally felt like the "geniuses" (sarcasm) took a look at the first season, mediocre numbers that could never touch the success of early seasons of Arrow or The Flash and said "what's missing? Oh! We need more WOKE!" More check-mark boxes ticked! More diversity quotas. Instead of cutting off the limb to save the patient, they have let the entire DC Universe on CW die of intersectional feminism, and no one will mourn.

By the way, quietly while on the road to Batwoman Season 2, Black Lightning was canceled with the coming 4th season to be the last, despite the show's third season performing about the same as the first season of Batwoman, because they "don't want to play with Black Lightning anymore" since they can virtue signal harder using this weird incarnation of Batwoman that never existed in the comics and therefore has no canonical legitimacy. However, I don't think Batwoman in particular is the problem, as much as too much focus on virtue-signalling, wokeness, and intersectional feminism that has invaded every program on the CW for the past several seasons now. I'm going to go over the Rise and Fall of the CW as a whole with their programming, pinpoint what is broken on all of these programs and then deliver my case as to why it is time for DC on the CW to say C-W-Later.

Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Beginning of the End

Dubbed to be some what of a super-crossover, and the CW's answer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the culmination of all DC Comics-branded CW shows was the multi-episode Crisis on Infinite Earths, involving Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Batwoman, Black Lightning, and DC's Legends of Tomorrow. To amplify the hype of this crossover, previously completed DC TV shows such as 1960s Batman, 1990s Flash, Birds of Prey, Lucifer (now revived via Netflix), and Smallville were also all given cameo moments, and even a brief nod to DC's Cinematic Universe ventures when Ezra Miller's rendition of the Flash also made an appearance. The heroes would fight against the villain known as the Anti-Monitor, and his plans to end all of existence. The consequences would be dire indeed; there would only be one "existent" DC Universe, and all others would be phased out. Also, Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow, would sacrifice himself to save everyone else. Many people felt this was almost deliberately an Avengers rip-off of Tony Stark/Iron Man's sacrifice without any of the emotional depth because the truth is in real life, Steven Amell seemed to have tired of his role as Green Arrow after eight seasons, not to mention Amell himself has come under fire on social media multiple times by the woke mob, growing in power and influence over these programs over the past several seasons.

The biggest problem with Crisis however, wasn't so much bad writing, or plot holes. The biggest problem was "super hero burnout," an issue Marvel will also be facing with their programming going into Phase 4 of their television and movie line-up. People just don't care anymore. Arrow lasted 8 seasons. This coming television season, you've got The Flash in its 7th season, DC's Legends of Tomorrow in its 6th season, Supergirl in its 6th (final) season, Black Lightning in its 4th (final) season, Batwoman entering a 2nd season, Stargirl entering a 2nd season, and the debuting Superman & Lois TV series featuring Tyler Hoechilin's Arrowverse rendition of the character. And you pretty much have to consume all of this to really understand or appreciate the things going on in Crisis. I'm tired just writing that list out! Maybe they should have had the villain in Crisis on Infinite Earths win so they could end all of these in one fell swoop, because honestly even a Sopranos style "simply ending abruptly" sort of deal would be infinitely more merciful than the slow painful death by WOKE these programs have chosen where they are just going to bleed viewers for anywhere between 13-23 episodes per show. It's embarrassing and subtracts from other DC live-action ventures people might actually enjoy, such as the coming cinematic Snyder Cut of the Justice League. It's confusing for viewers to have to consume small screen and big screen versions of all these characters that have nothing to do with the products, compared to the seamless transition of Marvel being a unified entity.

Now let's look at everything as a whole, the shows that are gone, and the shows left standing, and address the specific problems facing them. The Fallen Ones: Arrow, Supergirl and Black Lightning

Three shows in this universe have been canceled; one is already gone, and the other two enter their final seasons. The fans of this rendition of the DC Universe have always referred to it as "The Arrowverse" and Arrow, the most successful show in the group, is now gone. Gone with it, are the desires of many people to continue watching as Arrow was the glue that always seemed to hold the show together, although in recent times, cringe-worthy episodes about white privilege, feminism, and gun control started to take the center stage. Initially taking a darker tone to the usually-more-lighthearted Green Arrow character, Arrow was the CW's way to access Batman... by making the Green Arrow act more like Batman (and stealing many of his villains in process such as Ras Al Ghul). An attempt to capitalize on the show's success led to a pilot episode of "Green Arrow and the Canaries," a show that would see Earth 1 and Earth 2's Black Canaries trapped in an alternate future with Oliver Queen's daughter, who had chosen to become the new Green Arrow. Plans were scrapped, likely due to the negative reaction of all the other garbage CW has been spewing out.

Shortly after all the shows had an abrupt end without season finales due to COVID-19, it was announced that due to her pregnancy, Melissa Benoist was looking into taking a step back from Supergirl, and (fortunately) CW opted not to replace her with a "gay black woman of color" just for optics' sake. Still, in the end, Supergirl suffered from an overdose of wokeness, substituting space aliens for illegal aliens, doubling down on everything intersectionally feminist to the point that they even threw a transsexual superhero on the show just so they could remind us every several episodes that they have a penis. it became difficult to watch, like Grey's Anatomy with super powers, which is appropriate seeing as Grey's Anatomy alumni Chyler Leigh portrays Supergirl's sister in the series. What initially started out as a light-hearted and fun show, not unlike the Flash in its early episodes, was irreparably damaged by things like "Supergirl deciding to have pants so the patriarchy doesn't look at her legs and ass anymore." The only pleasant thing about this show in recent seasons is the addition of Jon Cryer (yes, the guy from Two and a Half Men) managing to somehow knock the ball out of the park when it comes to what arguably may be the best rendition of Lex Luthor in a live-action program. Take notes, Jessie Eisenberg. This is how it is done - not by acting like a demented retard, but by destroying an entire Russian army and the local population while wearing a Lexo-Suit and playing Frank Sinatra's My Way the entire time you do it! Gangster. Get John Cryer some Ben-Gay for his back because it's gonna be sore as hell from carrying both Supergirl and the incoming Superman show on it.

Possibly the biggest disappointment of the bunch is that Black Lightning had previously been the "black sheep" of this entire universe, as the first three seasons of the show were completely 100% disconnected from the "Arrowverse" with no initial plans whatsoever to retcon or repair this. This meant that many viewers just decided "nothing that happens on Black Lightning is of consequence" and caused people not to tune in as much as they would have. Crisis remedied that problem, but that issue is entirely moot now that the show itself will be canceled, lowering the likeliness of seeing more team-ups and crossovers. Either way, three characters somewhat considered "vital" to this franchise are now essentially retired from it, leaving us with some rough leftovers. At the end of Crisis, the Justice League was formed, and they're now three done with Kate Kane, Black Lightning, and Supergirl all hanging it up. This is not a good look. It's more like a serial killer is systematically taking out his victims than that they had any plans for this in the long run.

We already covered Batwoman's struggles at the beginning of this article, but let's see what else remains for the other programs that have yet to be unplugged.

The Flash: The New Flagship Already Has a Leaky Hull

With Arrow gone, the veteran series on the CW is now The Flash, but the whole thing feels like everyone involved in it is on autopilot. At first, Grant Gustin was a fun, jovial, amusing Barry Allen, but now the show suffers from everyone being tired and miserable, which is exactly what intersectional feminism does to everybody it touches! Gone is the fun-loving Barry Allen, replaced with a guy who is constantly either mourning about Oliver Queen's death, or mourning over his dead parents (still?), or mourning over his complicated marital problems with Iris West (who is overly featured due to the fact she is neither white nor a male, to the point this show should be called Iris West: Featuring the Flash). The West family race-swap didn't ever come off as "woke" BS in the beginning, because it wasn't, and Candace Patton initially played the role of Iris exceptionally well, but as political correctness became more important than putting on a good show, the Iris character has become corrupted with all that trash, with the Flash sort of becoming a worn out shadow of himself. Combine this with recycled plot-lines "_____ speedster is faster than the Flash," Flash losing his speed, random protagonists "turning evil" either permanently or temporarily, (Killer Frost, Harrison Wells, Iris West herself, even Barry has turned evil briefly thanks Bloodwork turning him into a zombie temporarily), everything comes off forced and the actors and actresses don't even look like they really want to be there; they have no enthusiasm anymore when the Flash initially was the optimism that balanced out the darker tone of Arrow. It's time to go. With how depressing they've made Barry Allen, he might even suicide out, but then they'd just continue the pain by having Wally West continue. However, it doesn't seem like Keiynan Lonsdale is feeling his role as Wally enough to play it full time unless the money was right, and I don't think it's in their ever-decreasing budget: Case in point, our next show's dwindling budget is one of many issues it suffers:

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: A Joke With No Punchline

What started as a fun crossover show for recurring Arrow/Flash characters, transformed into a grotesque parody of itself in what is now something I can only describe as "bad comedy." As the budget for this show slashed, so did the special effects. Characters like Captain Cold and Firestorm were written out completely to compensate this, and you hardly ever see Atom shrink, Citizen Steel turn into metal, or Heatwave fire his flamethrower gun as a result. To cut costs this incoming season, the Atom has also been written off the show. Also this season will feature aliens, as if Supergirl didn't do that enough as it is.

Instead of anything of substance here you get a bisexual character named Gary who makes stupid jokes about his nipples every single episode, a double down on feminism between more stupid quips and terrible puns, Sara Lance, once the deadliest assassin in the Arrowverse, relegated to an obnoxious shrew of a lead character that seems to be permanently on her period, every white male on the show (other than Constantine) treated like a complete incompetent, emasculating Heatwave to the point of him writing women's romance novels, and Constantine? He is the saving grace of the program, a workaround for the fact NBC canceled Matt Ryan's brilliant performance as John Constantine after only one season, but again for all the cool factor Constantine should bring in, it's negated by the time-traveling team having corny, slapstick-style adventures. Whereas Flash and Supergirl were light-hearted, this show overdosed on helium and blows it out of its mouth nose and ass at the same time. Sadly most of the humor falls flat, as does the entire existence of this program. Unless a return to its roots was possible (and its probably not; they have permanently written off everyone that made this show good including all of their recurring villains), this is the kind of superhero program they show you when you die and go to Hell for being a bad person. This is what the Chinese probably show Uyghur Muslims in their detention camps when they are insolent as punishment. Easily and by far the worst show of the Arrowverse. It's a joke only the people writing the show laugh at.

All Good Things... (you know the rest)

It should be noted that Stargirl exists, although I don't think anybody actually cares because she's like 7 years old so nobody wants to watch. Also, we are getting Superman & Lois, a show that presumably will borrow assets from Supergirl now that it is canceled in order to capitalize but nobody really likes Tyler Hoechilin's Superman except for the CW writers because while you might be able to get away with Grant Gustin as a skinny boy playing the flash, Superman needs to lift. And Hoechilin clearly doesn't do that. At all. And nobody is going to take a Superman seriously who doesn't fill the costume. Excuse me, little boy, let the real superheroes do their jobs. Toss a coin to your fuckin' Witcher then proceed to get the hell out of the way. Hoechilin's sort of the physical opposite of Henry Cavill's Superman in that regard, and the chick playing Lois isn't even hot enough for anyone to go "wow" at (or even for me to learn the actress' name), so I expect that to be a flop as well, mirroring the same level of cringe that Iris West's relationship with the Flash has and at least three episodes where the word "mansplaining" gets used. In conclusion, the Arrowverse has jumped the (King) Shark and it might be better to call the whole thing a wrap than continue to pretend that anyone is enthusiastic about anything involving it anymore. Don't recast, don't add new shows, don't even try to pen convoluted crossovers, just take a bow, say goodbye, and find something new to run into the ground. The Arrowverse is probably the reason my tagline is "if it ain't woke, don't fix it." They did, they destroyed and salted the earth. There is nothing left to rebuild here.

Save us, Zack Snyder.