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HBO Max's WOKE Perfect Strangers Reboot - Racism Has Been Defeated. We Can All Go Home.

I'm just minding my own business online, when Comicbook's Facebook page, which is basically Ground Zero for Wokeists stealing and corrupting all of Nerd Culture, posted an article that claimed that HBO Max had found their cast members for their reboot of the '80s sitcom Perfect Strangers. Before I go forward, let me remind you what Perfect Strangers was. Perfect Strangers was a show about Larry (Mark Linn-Baker), a grumpy dude whose distant cousin from a fictional Mediterranean country called Mypos, who has no inkling of what Western life was life, Balki (Bronson Pichot), moves in with him. It was basically Borat, before Borat was Borat. Let me remind you of what Larry and Balki look like:

This is them now. Feel old yet?

Are you cringing yet? If not, you either should be, or you're part of the militant anti-anyone-right-of-Stalin cult that has taken over the entertainment industry. Robin Thede and London Hughes will be starring in the show - moreover Thede is a self-insert as she is the writer and executive producer of said show.

Who is this being made for? Who is this being marketed to? Do you think anyone's life is enriched by this? Was someone feeling like there was a big empty hole in their life because there wasn't a race-swapped, gender-swapped remake of a mid-1980s sitcom? No. This doesn't combat racism. It doesn't sound funny. Or amusing. It reeks of a diversity quota booking intended to defecate on the source material because someone in charge has a problem with white people. Bronson Pinchot must be rolling in his grave and he's not even dead. The sad part is Baker and Pinchot will probably be forced to read a prepared statement about "passing the torch," "acceptance," and "white guilt."

I want to clarify it's not simply about race. I don't generally like reboots of things that already exist. I don't want a WHITE reboot of Perfect Strangers, either. I don't want ANY reboot of Perfect Strangers. This seems like an unfunny woke intersectional BLM feminist writer is just slapping a name on a show or concept she came up with that wouldn't get attention any other way, and that is pathetic. Other recent race-swaps coming down the pipe include race-swapping Albert Wesker in the upcoming Resident Evil series being produced for Netflix (Eric July covered the Resident Evil tokenization in an excellently put video you can watch here), and an all-black reboot of the popular 80s-90s TV drama The Wonder Years. Again, who is this marketed to? Do you think somehow this is combating racism or creating unity? It's not. It's about destroying what was with what will be. It's akin to Nazi Book Burning from the left. They want to erase all the old and replace it with new and "woke," because while the original Perfect Strangers was about "comedy" there is no way this NEW Perfect Strangers will be - it will be about inserting wokeism to continue the National Indoctrination of those two unmotivated to so much as turn this shit off. As long as HBO Max, Disney Plus, Netflix, and Hulu continue to push this crap, don't give them your money - this is what it funds. Instead, I heartily recommend you get a VPN and decide to "sail the seas," so to speak. Not only will you save money, you don't get a hearty dose of WOKE shoved up your ass. And before you try to play Devil's advocate and claim that this show might be good, let me remind you of the disaster one of the last times they attempted to this shit to white people.

Leave the '80s and '90s alone, Leftists. I say this in the nicest way possible: Kindly fuck off.