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CW Officially Renews 8 Shows For 2022; Many "Arrowverse" Shows Returning including Batwoman.

The one thing you can just about take to the bank when it comes to the Wokecult, Woke Hollywood and Wokeculture is that to them, mediocrity is excellence. I have already written a blog detailing the many problems of the Arrowverse and why it's time for WB to call time of death on the TV versions of the DC universe. However, we live in an America where a guy who had 7 people show up at his rallies somehow became the President of the United States over a guy who had 500,000 show up at his rallies, so we live in a backwards dimension where "losing" is somehow "winning." That being said, Batwoman is three episodes in, had only 660k viewers or so for the first two episodes and somehow getting to 700k is such a huge victory that despite the fact those numbers are exceptionally awful, and despite the fact that any sane person who covers comic book shows and movies has taken a verbal dump on the show for the past several weeks (and the entirety of season 1 before it), CW hastily renewed it for a third season.

That's like giving a dog treat to your dog right after he takes a dump on the floor. Honestly I'd rather watch one hour of dogs taking dumps on floors than one episode of Batwoman.

Also renewed include The Flash, which seems to be limping along into what will be an 8th season (please stop the pain), and Legends of Tomorrow with a 7th season. Black Lightning and Supergirl will no longer be a part of the lineup as of 2022's television season, and one must wonder if the Batwoman renewal is because the "woke playground" gets demolished with both of those shows expiring. It also looks like CW is more than prepared to double down on Superman and Lois which had an additional 2 episodes ordered.

I'd rather watch fucking the reruns of 2 Broke Girls they play on the CW.

Other shows renewed include Riverdale, Nancy Drew, Walker: Texas Ranger (which was the most-viewed season premiere for the mediocre CW network in the last five years; probably just from horny losers who jerk off to that dude from Supernatural), All-American, Charmed (BLEH!), Roswell New Mexico, and Dynasty.

With shit like this on TV, no wonder nobody actually watches television anymore. But what do you think? Do you enjoy any of these shows? Why? Contact us and let us know what you think. It's already clear what I think "CW needs to C-U-Later."