• Josh Morris

Beer Review: New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Captain Dynamite

I have always had a love/hate relationship with Voodoo Ranger. Some things they put out I absolutely love, while others have been disappointing or just down-right terrible.

I sit here, still drinking this new Voodoo Ranger Captain Dynamite that is part of their rotating IPA series, trying to figure out exactly where this stands on my palate. On the nose, its absolutely great. It has a nice juicy feel to it and you’re able to fully explore the citrus-y aroma’s of cascade, mosaic, and simcoe hops. However the finish kinda nullifies those beautiful flavors pretty quickly and you can tell right away that this beer is 7.7%

Before that, let me take you through the nose briefly. As you bring in a mouthful of this hazy, hoppy, juicy IPA you feel and taste all these wonderful notes complimented by an almost floral aroma engulfed within the citrus. It’s amazing. With no other way to describe the sensation that I get when tasting something so fantastic I can only say that it brings me joy. Joy like the first time I watched the ending credits to a video game. Joy like accomplishing a task that you put off forever and finally got tired of hearing the wife nag nag nag nag about it and you just knocked it out and didn’t even break a sweat. Pure joy.

Now moving on to the finish, I feel that it dissipates rather quickly and you’re left the bitterness of the IPA and a faint taste of the alcohol as well as a minor, subtle alcohol burn. Aaaaaand, that brings me to my only issue. My only issue and honestly my only issue with Voodoo Ranger. Sometimes, they don’t control that alcohol flavor very well. They have beers higher than this 7.7% and you wont even know you’re drinking alcohol. They have beers that are 8, even 9, percent and you don’t even know it. Those are their dangerous beers. You’ll be just chugging along (pun intended) and next thing you know you’re slurring your speech, reminiscing of the good ol’ days and starting debates on why The Last of Us 2 exists.

Editor's Note: If you didn't need a beer before, you do now. -JR

I’m not gonna beat this IPA up too bad though. God knows that nothing can be worse than Liquid Paradise. I’d rather play the Last of Us 2 while listening to Joy Behar and Whoopie Goldberg talk (about anything) while having someone repeatedly punch me in the testicles over and over than drink that one again.

Yeah, I’m not gonna beat this one up too bad. Once the faint alcohol taste leaves your mouth, you are left with the taste of pretty fine hops. And the initial taste is pretty breathtaking, in a good way.

I may not add this to the list of Voodoo Rangers that are my die hard go-to’s. But I would recommend this to someone who was interested in trying it out. I have noticed that the more I drink of these, the faster they go down. ( sexual innuendo intended ^.~)

Final Thoughts:

Great hoppyness

Great color (haze)

Amazing aroma and nose

Goes down very easy (lol)

Full bodied and robust

BIG JUICY flavor dissipates too quickly

Alcohol taste lingers a little too long

Definitely NOT a regrettable purchase (like The last of Us 2)

Will probably buy again.

Overall Score 7/10